Friday, July 1, 2011

Come and Shop with Me: Nacreous Alchemy

I am thrilled to begin what I hope to be a long tradition of featuring the art,
jewelry and other creations of very talented individuals with this particular gem.
As anyone knows, a proper Victorian Gothic home should reflect the style and
eccentricities of its inhabitants. When a friend recommended this particular shop (or
as I prefer to spell it.."shoppe"..) on Etsy, I had to chuckle when I found it was
someone already in my list of favourites.
The name alone had caught my eye..Nacreous Alchemy. And when I read one particular
line on her site as Michelle, the mind behind Nacreous Alchemy, described her
approach to her art: "I’ve always found beauty in things most others consider dark,
depressing, or just scary," I bordered on giddiness. So with her kind permission, I
wanted to take a moment to share a couple pieces of her work, as well as links to her
Etsy shop(pe) and her site.
Now don't think this wasn't a major undertaking, just attempting to single out a
piece or two to share. Every piece is unique, with its own personality, and it is our
good fortune that this artist does not limit herself to one medium.
So I begin with a unique, and timeless, mantle clock, perfect for setting a homey
mood above your fireplace. This "clock" no longer keeps time, but instead seems to
convey a very kind message that at some point, time is irrelevant and nothing to
worry about. The stately old house in the background is no more concerned than the
smiling skull that peers out from behind the glass.

Now for a more nostalgic feel, one might tap their inner creature of the night by
gazing at one of many lovely shadow boxes. This one features the Father of all
Draculas, the ever-classy, perfectly Victorian Gothic Bela Lugosi and his vampire
brides. Not only does it make for a wonderful visual escape, it tells guests "This is
a house of tradition. And we do not drink... wine."  (Ok, so that was a tad camp, but
you must forgive me, I got caught up in the moment.)

Finally, (as I had to stop at three or else risk writing a book and featuring
everything) I had to share a lovely wall hanging for the true die-hard (pun intended)
Victorian Goth. It states succinctly, "I shall go to my grave in style." From the
lovely black roses to the lace cuff and vintage spider ring, this is clearly an
accent piece perfect for anywhere from the boudoir, overlooking a dressing table, to
the parlour, where this single hand can seemingly wave to visitors, as is only

So now that you have seen a few of the fine, and fun, creations at Nacreous Alchemy,
please be sure to visit her site and Etsy store, find her on Facebook and "Like" her
page, and wander lost for a while in the "beauty in things most others consider dark,
depressing or just scary." After all, isn't that just one more brilliant aspect of
the members of our Victorian Gothic little world?

Etsy shop:

Until next... enjoy, and scream if you need anything.

Raven S.

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  1. Thank you for featuring my shop! What an amazing article it's nice to know that my work is getting out there and I'm reaching like minded people. :) Thanks again