Saturday, June 30, 2012

Be Grand

Just a few observations from having observed people from all walks who have climbed the ladder to success, fallen off, attempted to knock it out from others and a few who stood at the bottom of the ladder thinking "I can't do it." The common theme is that most of us aspire to Greatness, and we each have our own perspective on what "Being Grand" is and how to get there. None of these are quotes unless one can quote herself. I may, from time to time, post additional short lists like this.

  • If you aspire to grand things, Be grand in the things you do.
  • If you wish to be treated as a lady, Be a lady.
  • If you wish to be seen as a gentleman, be a gentleman.
  • Carry yourself well, Bear your presence proudly, Use your words humbly and your sincere nature generously.
  • Beware the names and titles you bear. They become heavy and difficult for others to see past.
  • Realize that you set your footprint with two words: "I am." But you build bridges with the two, "You are?"
  • Know that you have no limits, but remain mindful that when you push others aside for your own expansion, you build a cage around yourself. Eventually there is a lot of "You" to stuff behind the bars you put erect between yourself and the world.
  • It is not lonely at the top. It is what you fill it with. There are countless groupies, Yes Men and hangers-on eager to start bowing, scraping, kissing your ring and kissing your behind. No, it is not lonely. It is Life's largest lesson in Discernment.

Now to go find a cool spot in the shadows, observe and try to get past this Summertime malaise. You are all welcome to join me. There is fresh ice and water in the decanter and sugar cubes perched precariously over faceted glasses of absinthe.

Until next....