Sunday, July 10, 2011

The More the Merrier; Let's Be Unique Together

While the title seems extremely tongue-in-cheek it is also a very sincere sentiment
that takes on two unique meanings. As a person who leans heavily toward the Victorian
Gothic side of things, I occasionally have people assume this makes me (and other
Victorian Goths) snobs toward the rest of the Goth culture. It usually takes less
than a minute in our presence around ANYone else, Goth or not, to realize how
ludicrous a notion that is. So here is the point of my statement, in two pieces.
1. We are each extremely unique, enjoying and appreciating knowing others different
from ourselves for the variety and interesting exchanges that brings.
2. Within every large group of unique individuals there are many commonalities, and
those commonalities lead to sub-groups under their own banners. These sub-cultures
within the culture create a wonderful sense of community support without detracting
from the member's individuality. It is an inspiring gathering of like-minds that is
more focused on the fashion, tastes and events particular to that group.
One of the strongest traits of any Goth, Victorian or otherwise, is a unique sense of
personal style. This transcends hair colour and clothing, to include preferences in
film, music, even television shows (and cartoons). While a person's primary style
influence may fall into a single category (Victorian, Industrial, Cyber, Lolita,
Perky, Romantic, etc.) they are never restricted by some unwritten list of rules
stating the can or cannot wear something(s) from other styles. In fact, Goths are
brilliant when it comes to blending styles and cross-accessorizing. At last check,
tastes in music, literature, film and events also create more common ground than not.
By sharing ideas, styles, experiences, the entire culture has become a pretty
cohesive collective under the umbrella of "Goth" while retaining and celebrating each
member's individuality, and their right to express it as mildy or extremely as they
Speaking of umbrellas.. I am off to do a little shopping for parasols.
Until next... Keep it real(ly interesting) =)

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  1. I am a total elitist. Half joking. I was watching an episode of Spooks and Richard Armitage (because everything comes back to Richard) accused his double agent girlfriend of being one - her response was "I prefer the company of attractive, intelligent and creative people, so I suppose I am." At first it sounds sounds so pretentious, but then I thought, who doesn't? It is all subjective. I just like to be around people who are really comfortable with who they are, they will always accept others as they are, too. If I am introduced to something awesome and unique as a result then so much the better!