Sunday, July 31, 2011

Come and Shop with Me: Isabella's Art

Just when I think I have all of my product categories sorted out for featured
vendors, someone comes along and challenges me to find a new way to describe their
work. Isabella's Art is one of those wonderful shops that has succeeded in doing just
that. While I did come across her work on Etsy, I was delighted to find she also  has
her own website and blog where she features work not show on Etsy, including books. I
have included links to her sites at the end of this feature for your perusal and
Now to the fun of sharing a bit of Isabella's work with you. What originally caught
my eye was the collection of laser-cut shadow puppets depicting characters from
tried-and-true children's tales, very true to those that would have been found in a
Victorian Era nursery.
I immediately noticed an adorable cottage cut-then realized it was the Candy House
belonging to the witch in Hansel and Gretel. And what would you know, right next to
the wonderfully-detailed house, were Hansel, Gretel and the Witch, themselves.
Isabella does a beautiful job of illustrating the smallest features of the
characters, from the bow in Gretel's hair to the witch's long, warty nose and the
pattern of her apron, worn, of course, to bake up and serve wayward children lost in
her woods and consuming her home.

And so, in keeping with the theme of munchies, I chose two more pieces drawn from
childhood favourites, only with a bit less cooking, screaming and fleeing. The next
is an adorable depiction of the Teddybears' Picnic. Again, the detail in these well-
dressed and oh-so-civilized bears and their tea party picnic table is exquisite. From
the steam rising from Ms. Bear's tea cup to the lace table cloth trimming and the
rims of Mr. Bear's glasses, these shadow puppets are sure to cast a wonderful shadow,
making the characters come to life with the slightest move of a light source.

Then there is my favourite tea party: none other than the Mad Hatter's. Isabella does
a beautiful job with Alice's dress and the adorable mouse peeking from the tea pot as
always, makes this a lovely trio for tea time fun.

Getting back to picnics, no one can forget fairytale time's favourite picnic basket-
wielding heroine, Little Red Cap, as she was originally named. Many these days
remember her as Red Riding Hood, although I have no idea where "riding" came in, as
she was always skipping through those spooky woods. This pair of shadow puppets
includes a well-done big bad wolf, who looms menacingly over Red.

Take some time to peruse Isabella's sites and enjoy a wonderful stroll down memory
lane to a time when entertainment involved imagination and required no electricity.
In addition to the wonderful shadow puppets, she has also developed a stage just the right size for a creative puppeteer to hide behind, while a window provides the perfect backdrop for any story they can possibly imagine. Or purchase the puppets, find a bare patch of wall and break out the candles for backlighting. Enjoy remembering the folklore we all grew up with and many had forgotten with time and the demands of everyday grownup life. And for all the parents and grandparents out there, just imagine being able to introduce your children and grandchildren to these old
customs of storytelling while spending quality time building the next generation of dark Victorians.
As for me? I am already looking for a spot to clear on the wall and a hanging candle holder in preparation for my own little Hallowe'en theatre night.
Until next...
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