Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vampires: Not Just for Hallowe'en

One of my favourite things about Hallowe'en is that the lure and scare of the vampire gets a bit more attention. As most of us know, Vampires are not a Hallowe'en creation, nor are they only around on October 31st. Thank Goodness, and Badness, and Darkness and Vampness. (Ok, that was corny, but it's been a long day, so bear with me.)
But as they are such a wonderful part of the holiday, I decided to post links to some wonderful shops both online and off, as well as crafters from Etsy with all manner of Vampiric goodies to share. This most likely will not be my ONLY post on the topic.  New retailers and creators pop up every day and I have entirely too much fun persuing their wares to keep it all to myself.  I hope you enjoy.

 Boutique du Vampyre - Located in vampire-rich New Orleans, Louisiana, the BdV features all sorts of goodies as well as information on events, fangs, tarot readings and some great stories.

Vampfangs - An online source for fangs, contacts, costuming, props and all manner of vampire accoutrements.

The Vampire Shop - Located in the UK but available to all of us via their online shop, featuring dark decor, scented oils, Alchemy Gothic jewelry and a list of other vampiric notions.

Vampire Film Festival - Not a shop, but rather a source of information regarding events, film, television, book reviews, casting calls and all things vampire on stage and screen.

And this leads us back to the wide world of Etsy and all of its wonderful artists:
(As always, all images featured are the property of the respective artists and are only used here to promote their businesses.)

Madame Talbot's Victorian Lowbrow -
Wonderfully unique posters, dolls, ephemera .. well, just one of the best collections of the delights of the macabre Victorian. Several of her posters grace my walls year round including the piece below that greets everyone who comes through my front door.  Her creatins  can also be found at her website:  which is a visual delight in and of itself.

Fae's Blue Moon -
Honestly, who doesn't need one of these adorable little creatures? Fae's Blue Moon is a collection of unique findings and handcrafted items perfect for any Victorian/Haunted/Vampire study.

Shamble Ramble -
A wide variety of sparkling jewelry from Steampunk to Victorian, many with an Art Deco flair and others just perfect for Vampire soirees and "just because." After all.. Tuesday is a great day for wearing one's best.

Kat Martin Artist -
Absolute cuteness here. Kat Martin is actually a wonderful painter who has put a brilliant twist on some of your childhood (and current) favourites. I highly recommend her Etsy store for those who think "outside the box." I just had to share one of her flamingos because as a vampire, he is fabulous.

Amaretto Custom Stationery -
Handy for candy bags, party favours and Hallowe'en gift tagging, Amaretto has some delightfully antique-looking tags for any use you can dream up. Some are even on sticks for cupcakes, hors d'ouvres or more diminutive victims. The possibilities are endless..

Nacreous Alchemy -
I have featured this fine lady's work on my blog before, and she continues to amaze and inspire me. Come and Shop With Me: Nacreous Alchemy 1 July 2011 From her jewelry to her shadowboxes and collage-style art, I can only say, Go Visit. Take your time and just enjoy. Everything is handmade and unique.

Reimagination Prints -
Vintage art on antique book pages makes these prints stand out and perfect for any library or office as well as for Hallowe'en decor that one may choose to keep up year round.

Now mind you, this is a simple sampling of the fantastic Vampire-themed treasures to be found, but I had to start here for both persona-favourites reasons (I know, bad grammar) and because they are not just for Hallowe'en.

As always, I hope you enjoy. I hope it inspires you to trudge off and see what else you can find and by all means, let me know if you come across goodies, or even make some yourself, that you would like to see featured on Etiquette and the Victorian Gothic Aesthetic.

Before I go, allow me to offer my apologies for not blogging more often, especially as we close in on All Hallow's.  Now that much of my plundering and decor-hoarding is out of the way, I will have more time to continue featuring all the fantastic things and people who make this season great.

Keep it Spooky and I look forward to hearing from you!


Friday, September 7, 2012

An Etsy Hallowe'en

As most know, I am an Etsy addict. Part of my purpose on this planet is to share the creativity, fun and occasional twistedness that resides within artists and crafters who share their goods with the world, making it a bit more beautiful and bizarre. So in the spirit of Hallowe'en, that holiday that lives on at my house year-round, I wanted to feature 13 Etsy shops (more to come later) whose crafty goodness grabbed my attention and needed to be shared with all of you.

I have included a picture from each shop after a short description and link directly to their Etsy home. Please keep in mind that all images are the property of the respective shops and are just the tip of the dark, spooky iceberg. At the end I am also including a link to a group of artists I absolutely adore. Many of them have been kind enough to wander past my blog, share it with others, share their thoughts and allowed me to feature their work more indepth. The Etsy Dark Team features 384 of the most fabulous crafters, seamstresses, creators and artists over whose work I have had the pleasure of sighing, drooling (in a ladylike manner, of course) and splurging when the budget allows. I encourage you to check them out and get lost wandering their shops and reading about the individuals behind the delights.

Now to the first 13: (Isn't that such a lovely number?)

Aberrant Affixments -
Wonderfully macabre vintage-inspired stickers, labels, stationery and other Old Time Hallowe’en goodies.  A very splurge-worthy shop.

The Gingerbread Shoppe -
Homey décor, handpainted signs and garden goodies for all seasons.

The Dusty Raven -
Vintage art created from discarded items and wire art. Fantastic spider webs that will last for ages, yard art, bird houses and other treats guaranteed to add character to any haunted homestead.

Dahlia House Studios -
Gorgeous art, photography art and jewelry featuring the beauty of nature and this old crow’s favourite time of year.

Farm Field Primitives -
Scented blacked beeswax ornaments and primitive-style dolls and décor perfect for this time of year. This little smiling guy won my heart.

Minks Paperie -
Silhouettes, paper art and amazingly detailed luminaries to lend a warm, yet macabre air to any Hallowe’en décor.

Primigram -
I don’t even know where to start. If it’s papery, scented, fabric and hand-stitched or glows from within an old jar, it is here. The nod to old Salem is a wonderful touch and the dolls are adorable.

Kasket Kustoms -
One of my favourite shops for Day of the Dead and Hallowe’en-inspired jewelry and trinkets.  Creepy and Cute both reside here.

Swamp Water Primitives -
Another fabulous primitive art shop with all manner of things hand-sewn, aged and stuffed. These goodies absolutely scream “cabin in the woods” in the spookiest sense.

Sandra ArteagA -
Paperdolls and handcrafted trinkets. This Spanish artist has “disturbingly adorable” quite literally down to an art. Even the pastries have faces! One would never want to eat them, but may fear being eaten BY them.
Old Goat Primitives -
Yep! Another primitive art shop. After all, what says Autumn, cozy, cuddly and Hallowe’en creepy like handmade, antiqued one-of-a-kind decorations? From witches to candy corn and a touch of Americana.

Jojos Bootique -
Serious Cuteness warning here. The specialty here is knitted baby/newborn caps in the shapes of everything from pumpkins to reindeer, but what really caught my eye were the wonderful Witches’ hats decorations. Each little ornate hat comes on a stand to be showcased and adored.

Decor Classic Florals -
I did not forget the importance of a good wreath. My front door never goes without some form of dead foliage spilling forth to startled the postman and confuse hummingbirds. The Black Hat Society wreath is a must-see.

And now for that link I promised you:

And if you do stop by, check out The Moonlight Muse and tell her I said Hi.

Now off with you. Go shop, get ideas, embellish your hauntings and get lost in the fun. And always remember to support small business, encourage creativity and if you know of a shop on or off Etsy that you would like to see featured here, please let me know.

Keep it Spooky.. and be warned... only 53 days until Hallowe'en!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Allure of the Haunted House

A couple months ago I did a piece on the romance of haunted houses.  It got a lot of really good email conversations started and I was recently asked to elaborate more on the topic. Fortunately, between those conversations and others offline, etc., I have been given a bit more to ponder and add to the subject.

What is it that draws us to old haunted houses? In this case, I am not speaking of gore-fests and haunted corn fields that crop up (pardon the pun) all over from September through the first of November, but the genuinely run-down, spooky old homes and century-/centuries-old homes and hospitals that seem to beckon to us as we pass by, sparking a sense of curiosity just as strong as the chill that finds its way up our spines.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gothy Dolls: Chapter One

So this evening as I listen to the sound effects and music of DarkSiders II being played in the next room, I find myself somewhere between Hallowe’en planning and an odd (for anyone else) fascination with dolls. I will be the first to admit that I am not a huge doll person in the traditional sense, but as I come across more and more fabulous artists and see the dark, Victorian and spooky whimsical creations that surpass regular dolls, I find myself entranced by these shady little creatures.

It would simply be rude of me to not share some of my findings. And where do you think I have found them? One of my favourite online shopping addictions: Etsy. The title over each photo links to the item listing on Etsy, and from there, the artist's shop and other wonderful creations. Please take the time to check them out at length.  I hope you enjoy.

Queen of Darkness from Majestic Thorns

Gothic Rag Doll with Her Own Gothic Rag Doll from Tattered Rags

Nabiya Gothic Fairy Doll by Garden of Dolls

Gothic Gypsy by Pearl Moon Arts

Mary Shelley Art Doll by Natasha Morgan

Not to worry, there will be many more featured in time. I could sit here all night looking at dolls, but there are so many other wonderful things to share… perhaps next… Jack O’Lantern artwork. Hmmm…
Until next...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hallowe'en Blog Links: Part One

(Photo credit: The Pumpkin Hollow)

I am late in beginning this new type of post to the EVGA blog, and again blame Life's chaos and a tendency to have too many irons in the fire. Bear with me while I attempt to bring all the best Hallowe'en and Gothic finery of the net to you in the comfort of the EVGA parlour.

Enjoy the vintage Hallowe'en imagery and the beautiful artwork of Kris Dickinson at A Nostalgic Halloween.

A few "mood lighting" ideas from that are so simple I may wind up lighting up the entire yard and the neighbor's as well.

And who doesn't need Jack 'O Lanterns to suit every mood. Enjoy a visit to The Pumpkin Hollow. The blog is a visual delight and links to their Etsy shop where "it's Halloween every day."

Rather fitting for a Victorian blog to feature a link to another blog that shares some BRILLIANT ideas for black and white costume ideas. Check out the images at 365 Halloween and prove that the world really was black and white in those old Noir films.
Know of a blog with a Gothic Victorian, Gothic or Hallowe'en flair? Drop me a note at I'd love to feature them.

Now back to my stroll through blogs, sites and DIY videos. Hope you enjoy!
Keep it Spooky

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Supermodels, Goth Models and a Touch of Insight

(China Machado 1950s Harper's Bazaar)

(China Machado 2012 Harper's Bazaar)

Forgive me this evening for getting out my soapbox, but as the “Etiquette” portion of this blog is more about understanding how to recognize the best in oneself (how can one present their best to the world if they won’t recognize it in their own mirror?), this piece was just screaming to be written. It was inspired, to say the least, both by a recent documentary and from personal experience.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ruffles, Lace and Otherworldly Butlers, Oh My

Now for a bit of fun involving eye and ear candy.  I realize this post is uncharacteristically short for me, but I just had to share and the artistry involved needs none of my utterly verbose elaboration.

Many are aware that I have long been a fan of the artwork of the anime series Black Butler, but had only recently had the time (and attention span) to begin watching it. I cannot begin to express how much I love the rich and almost decadent imagery of the show. The costuming and backdrops are already the stuff of which my odd dreams are made, but then to fold in a supernatural butler with the patience of Job and abilities that are matched only by his charm and wit automatically puts it to the top of my Adore List. With all the fun of an anime production, this show has fascinating storylines and a bit of depth I had not expected.

Then there is the music. Hypnotic, classically inspired, darkly ambient and beautifully done.  Allow me to share Kalafina, a Japanese group formed in 2007 whose song “Lacrimosa” is used as the closing theme from episode 14 on. While the music is amazing, the ladies of Kalafina are visually stunning in concert, and you can certainly see the style of Black Butler in their costuming. 

Makes me want to go shopping… in fact, while you are enjoying the music, I think I shall. Stripes, lace, ribbons and boots… I have a lot of work to do. And not to worry, I have plenty more I will be writing about soon.
Keeping it Spooky with a heavy dose of visual and aural decadence.
Until next,

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Accepting Compliments with Grace

I have been asked several times to do a piece on what seems a simple act, but is really a huge stumbling block for most. Very few of us know how to accept a compliment gracefully. It is, sadly, a social and personal skill that must be learned through repeated experiences and the example of others who are at peace with themselves enough to make it look easy. The question floating about at this point is most likely “What does it matter? It’s no big deal.” Actually, it can be and usually is. How you accept complimentary words from others says a lot about you.  No matter how you mean the response you give, the real impression comes from the spirit in which it was given.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Haunted Romance

(Photo Credit:

I am pleased to say that I have never had anyone ask me “HOW can anyone like haunted houses?” (How can one not?) I have, however, had countless conversations involving the question in one form another.. “What do you think draws people to haunted houses?” There are as many answers to that question as there are individuals who are drawn to old buildings and places that Time seems to have forgotten. However, I would say those answers lend themselves to three primary categories:
1. Those who love the adrenaline rush that comes with the fear and anticipation of something no longer human materializing before them,
2. Those thrill seekers who hope to glimpse bloodstained floors, walls, instruments, furniture, etc. left behind by some heinous and traumatic demise, and finally, my favourite category,
3. Those who are drawn to the romance of the haunted house. It is this third category I will attempt to describe, both from experience and from the many wonderful perspectives that have been shared with me over the years.

The usual story behind any haunted house involves a tragic loss. There is an air of romance in this that draws most people. With the belief that ghosts are most often the result of a death too early, too violently and the heartrending emotions that attach themselves to a location draw the more romantic of us to a place like moths to a flame. There is a special place in the heart that may connect with that sense of loss. There is a flicker of hope that love does not end at death, that we are not forgotten once we go, and that the attachments we build in life can transcend the voyage into death.

There is also a longing, much like many of our historian friends endure, that brings us to want to reach out and find something tangible that connects us to another time, long before now, when perhaps life was simpler, grander, a time that certainly has been romanticized in book and film. It is one thing to reach out and touch an antique chest of drawers, an old water pitcher or run the tips of one’s fingers over the delicate silk of a wedding gown one or more centuries old, but just imagine the thrill of coming face to spectral face with the wearer of that gown, the bearer of the water pitcher, the craftsman who first put tool to wood and created that beautiful bit of furniture. What if that apparition were self-aware enough to impart insight, memories and emotions tied to the items?

It is in no way difficult for a hopeless romantic to walk the leaf-strewn and dusty halls of an old house and imagine themselves surrounded by brightly lit wall sconces, the sounds of a household alive and bustling with perhaps a maid scurrying by with an armful of linens or the lady of the house calling her children down to dinner. It is quite easy for a romantic to stand before an abandoned orphanage and hear the sounds of children laughing, perhaps catching a dilapidated swing move out of the corner of their eye, wondering for a moment if it is the influence of a slight wind or if one of the prior residents is still there, watching, looking for a playmate, or longing for new parents that never came. The heart squeezes slightly, mourning little souls that died of illness, who sat staring out windows for homes they dreamt of but never would get, and occasionally, the tragic death of a wee one down an old and forgotten well, or a hundred other tragic scenarios.

Then…. There are those of us who, after many years of odd dreams, or a sense of being out-of-time-and-place, tend to feel a longing to find the once place that we know we have not seen in this lifetime, but our spirit seems to swear exists. For those who subscribe to the concept of past lives, perhaps there is some fragment that gives them pause to ponder the house from the perspective of the ghost. Wandering quietly, sadly, mournfully, or blissfully unaware of the situation until by some odd chance, peace comes and here they find themselves again amongst the living, but with that tiny thread of connection to the old place. Perhaps the old place itself does not wish to be forgotten.

Long before paranormal investigations, there were Spiritualists with séances and table-tipping parties. Before then, it was not uncommon to know a place was haunted, to accept that this is a part of life and death, and like many cultures, learn to simply live with the “others” in a home. They were as much a part of the structure and the family as any relative. We prayed for the angry ones amongst us to find peace, left offerings to appease unhappy souls and only in extreme cases, called in help to send them away.

I know there are many who hope to find ghosts in old houses. It is a continuation of life “as it was” and brings with it a richness that comes only with the sentimental longing for the lessons and beauty of the past. It also brings a reminder that life is not always “fair” and reinforces in our hearts, that we have not lost sight of our own compassion. It helps us to imagine what we might have done in their stead, and to learn from those who carried on, but whose grief lingered.

“Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”George Santayana, Vol. 1, Reason in Common Sense

I hope you will all join me in continuing to remember and honour the past and those who bear the insights and lessons we can learn from. Romance is not dead while there are hearts reaching out to our predecessors and hands preserving the tangible connections to them.

Keeping it Spooky with a strong dose of Romance,


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tats, Assumptions and A Brilliant Blog Entry

I do love the power of coincidence, especially when it comes to giving me a topic for this blog. While I do often use the phrase "Everything for a reason", that does not mean I believe in indisputable or unchangable fate, just as I do believe that sometimes something really IS a coincidence, but in this case, like many others, I can make it into a sign to run with an opportunity, and here it is.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Be Grand

Just a few observations from having observed people from all walks who have climbed the ladder to success, fallen off, attempted to knock it out from others and a few who stood at the bottom of the ladder thinking "I can't do it." The common theme is that most of us aspire to Greatness, and we each have our own perspective on what "Being Grand" is and how to get there. None of these are quotes unless one can quote herself. I may, from time to time, post additional short lists like this.

  • If you aspire to grand things, Be grand in the things you do.
  • If you wish to be treated as a lady, Be a lady.
  • If you wish to be seen as a gentleman, be a gentleman.
  • Carry yourself well, Bear your presence proudly, Use your words humbly and your sincere nature generously.
  • Beware the names and titles you bear. They become heavy and difficult for others to see past.
  • Realize that you set your footprint with two words: "I am." But you build bridges with the two, "You are?"
  • Know that you have no limits, but remain mindful that when you push others aside for your own expansion, you build a cage around yourself. Eventually there is a lot of "You" to stuff behind the bars you put erect between yourself and the world.
  • It is not lonely at the top. It is what you fill it with. There are countless groupies, Yes Men and hangers-on eager to start bowing, scraping, kissing your ring and kissing your behind. No, it is not lonely. It is Life's largest lesson in Discernment.

Now to go find a cool spot in the shadows, observe and try to get past this Summertime malaise. You are all welcome to join me. There is fresh ice and water in the decanter and sugar cubes perched precariously over faceted glasses of absinthe.

Until next....


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Come and Shop with Me: Strange Studios

It has been a long while since I had a chance to feature a shop, so I am very happy to get back in the swing of things with a delightful Etsy shop called Strange Studios. Artist Lisa Snellings brings to life the most hauntingly adorable collection of poppets I have come across in a long time.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gothic Lolita Doll Look

With a huge nod and thanks to the Gothic Tea Society ( and Michelle Phan, I just had to pass along this wonderful instructional video. I had seen it fly by on my FB feed some weeks ago, but not until today did I have a moment to sit and watch it. Enjoy!

Our Real Living History

One of the primary reasons many come to my blog is because of a love of the past. (Haunting, spooky stuff is just a bonus that goes with the territory) Most of the people I hear from and spend time with have a deep and abiding love of the past. We love the old houses, buildings, landmarks, bridges and neglected landscapes that allow us to escape to a time when perhaps they were new and shiny, full of the sounds of laughter, music and life in general. We easily imagine 1920s "liberated" women with their pin curls and cloche hats, or bustle skirts, parasols and gentlemen in suitcoats and bowlers or top hats. Some more adventurous souls picture a Depression Era couple in plain brown cotton, aged white shirts and tattered straw hats, their shoeless children knocking cans down a dirt road with a stick or swinging on a rope out into the middle of a pond.

Whatever it is we envision, it is the sensation of being transported back to another "simpler" or more elegant time, imagining the voices of those who came before and seeking some tangible connection to that time. Something I learned from an early age is that history is far better when it comes in story form from those who were there. And this brings me to the topic of this post.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Five Steps to that "Better World"

Recently I saw a FB post that was so brilliantly put that it made me recall a conversation I have quite often with people. The post said something along the lines of "We want to leave a better world to our children. How about leaving better children to the world.?"  I cannot begin to express how thrilled I was to see this statement, not because I have anything against today's children, but because I honestly feel bad for them. The last few generations of children have been robbed of the guidance and role models of their predecessors in exchange for an insulated, feel-good laboratory study in positive reinforcement. Parents have been told for the last two decades, "Encourage your children. Tell them there is nothing they can't do." But don't let them try in the off chance they may fail, or rig the competition so that everyone wins (a hollow victory). Well, the failure is a valuable lesson, and at some point, Life will toss it their way again.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Interesting Compliment

I don't often post spur-of-the-moment about personal experiences, but I had to share this one because it made me think as well as making me smile. I have a new term (at least new to me) to share: Gateway Goth. It's a simple story, but in many ways, a very common occurence in my world. I was approached by an executive today while standing in line for my cup of morning invigoration and caffeination. When one enjoys coffee as much as I do, all of the most convenient java suppliers are mapped out and frequented almost like clockwork. I know I'm not the only one, but I was certainly surprised to realize that there are some people who are as haze-free as I am before coffee, and their powers of observation are actually impressive.
The gentleman who approached me had noticed the burgundy stripe in my hair. It is not uncommon where I live to see women all day long with long black hair, but a strip of burgundy does stand out just a bit. He nodded to the stripe, then to my antique jewelry and asked "Are you Goth?" Brow arched, I chuckled and nodded, even though the rest of my wardrobe, aside from being black with a little lace, was, in my opinion, fairly mainstream with a focus on professionalism (read: corporate). Ok, so the Edwardian boots beneath my slacks might have been a bit of a giveaway, as well.
I told my new acquaintance that I was impressed by his powers of observation. He confided that he had a Goth college student for a son and had found himself impressed by the genre as well as more than a bit reminiscent about his own punk teen years. Apparently he was "less expressive" and more "conformist" during his college days, so a lot of this was still part of a learning curve for him.
After a fifteen or twenty minute, very enjoyable conversation, he thanked me for being "approachable" and for the affirmation that there are always things one can do to express their "Gothness" in even the most mundane attire. I did admit that I have similar conversations with folks from all walks of life on a fairly regular basis. This intrigued him and he asked "And they aren't spooked?"  I couldn't help myself..."Everyone likes to be spooked. So perhaps they're glad to know.... We're everywhere." He laughed and nodded sincerely. "I sure hope so."
This brought our conversation to an amicable close, but not before he informed me that I am a "Gateway Goth"... one of those goths that others come to with questions. Apparently we "lift the veil" but only enough to let the truth leak out just enough to build the appeal and get even the most vanilla individuals in touch with their Inner Spooky/Macabre/Shadow. We are the good alternative... where parents warn their kids about "gateway drugs"... apparently some are happy to direct them toward Gateway Goths.

And now I'm off with a chuckle and a fresh cup of coffee.

Keep Calm and Spooky On,

Monday, March 26, 2012

Non-Club Goths and the People Who Love Them

An email I received today reminded me of a post I did on my other (comatose) blog some time back, so with a bit of editing, I found it applicable for the EVGA audience with its wonderful sensibilities and super power called Common Sense.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Manners, Etiquette, Graciousness, Self-Respect

While I have several new blog entries begun, this one stood out as needing to be shared. Perhaps I am only looking to rant, but I will at least attempt to do it with some degree of decorum and good sense. This evening I posted a link to an article on the death of good manners, the demise of simple, but meaningful pleasantries, perhaps the indifferent murder of behaviours that do no harm, but can do all the good in the world by showcasing the Good that exists in the world.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Come and Shop with Me: The Moonlight Muse

I would say this posting is long overdue, but I did promise the artist I would hold out for a particular project with which she had been making herself blind. But might I say, it was worth the wait. This particular artist works in several mediums, from paper cutting, to clay, and I have been fortunate enough to collect a variety of her delightfully haunted pieces. It was when she told me that she was working on a special cutting that I held off. When I saw it, well.. anyone who knows me even in the slightest, can imagine my response. And so it heads this entry for all to enjoy.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where Have All the Role Models Gone?

I have said many times that I consider myself incredibly fortunate when it comes to
meaningful conversations. It is like a diet: If one refuses to let in the junk food
(small talk, lies, gossip), the flavour of real food can be tasted and the nutrients
of real food can finally make it into one's system where they can do some good. So
please let this be the caveat of sorts in future posts when I bring up at topic
inspired by a conversation that has found me during the course of my day.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Finds - A Gothic Wedding

It has been a while since I visited this site, but after a few conversations with a dear friend who is planning her own period wedding, I hunted down the link and found something I just had to share here. Over the years I have had the honour of officiating, planning and writing vows for non-traditional weddings from Renn Faire themed unions to garden handfastings and Victorian soirees.
I do not do traditional weddings because I find more inspiration and satisfaction in bringing out the unique qualities of a couple: their quirks, their passions, the odd little things that sparked the fire between them, and then bringing those they love into their unique fold for that one day that celebrates them, and only them.

That said, it is with giddy joy that I share a site I already love for it's ideas and showcase of uniquely beautiful weddings. I hope you will enjoy, too. I now give you the wedding of Tanya & Ross, a lovely couple from Australia.

Keeping it Romantic,


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Hopeless" Romantic?

I have always been puzzled by the phrase "hopeless romantic."  For as long as I can
remember, this phrase is usually punctuated by a wistful sigh, an almost pitiful
drooping of the brows; an expression somewhere between pity and total resignation. It
is as if one cannot self-identify as a hopeless romantic without putting melodramatic
emphasis on the "hopeless" part.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Being True to Oneself

Being true to oneself and being honest with oneself are different things, but these
practices do go hand-in-hand. Neither is an excuse for false modesty, self-effacing
behaviour or giving up. Quite the opposite, if one is truly being honest with the
person in the mirror and being true to that same individual, these negative
behaviours would never be a conceivable possibility. The cost to their self-respect
and conscience would be too much.