Thursday, October 2, 2014

Victorianesque Hallowe'en; Welcome October!

Well, My Dears, I fully intended to begin October with a post and a new idea and I am already a day late. So, to make up for it, I am sharing one idea with two approaches.  Just to make things a bit more engaging (I hope), I have decided to see if I can round out one of my labours of love with the appropriate number of ideas.  Two years ago I peppered the month of October with what was intended to be an idea a day from 1st October clear through to the magical day itself, the 31st.  Sadly, I came up 10 days short, so now I am working on filling in those gaps. Tonight’s post is 1 of 10 for this undertaking. (I do so love that word)

During my visit with Oly and Brenna Mar last month on BlogtalkRadio, the ever wonderful Brenna shared How To hints for antiquing mirrors. No Victorianesque home, Hallowe’en or other less fabulous day of the year, would be complete without an aged mirror to add charm, function and the occasional spooky portal for the dearly only-partially-departed. Many, many thanks, Brenna. I did a bit of hunting on YouTube because I am the type who needs to be walked through visually, or it is NOT going to turn out as planned, no matter how well the instructions (or Destructions as we call them at my house) are written. You will find below two money saving approaches to antique mirrors without the 150 year wait.  I hope you enjoy, and by all means, share your stories and photos of your finished aged looking glass.

Better Homes & Gardens antique mirror DIY, using vinegar and spray on “looking glass”: 

YouTube DIY’er ThreadBasher, using Muriatic Acid (the kind used in the upkeep of swimming pools)

Now to make up for my tardiness and to get things really rolling, I am waxing nostalgic. Below you will find links to the original 21 Victorianesque Hallowe’en Hints of 2012. We will consider the mirror project “22nd October”.  Remember, I am ALWAYS looking for new ideas, or old ideas I have not included here. If you have a thought, a question or a random A HA moment, just comment below or feel free to contact me directly at  Send in photos of any of the projects below (or above) that you decide to use. I would love to share them (full credit given) on upcoming blog posts.

And yes…. There is much more in the works. I have GOT to do something special for my Victorianesque Hallowe’enists.  So off with you now! Play, create, haunt, have fun! 

And always.. Keep it Spooky
Darkest Regards,
Raven ;)

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