Sunday, July 3, 2011

Come and Shop with Me: Nocturnal Nostalgia

Well, I am a couple days late on this one, but I feel it has been worth the wait to
have time to properly introduce this designer.
As any Victorian Goth knows, wardrobe says nearly everything. It is the first glimpse
anyone gets of the individual, so it should reflect their personal style, and fit
correctly, adding to their good carriage, healthy posture and general air of
confidence, refinement and flair for fun. Sadly, my own wardrobe is still far from
where I wish it to be. This led me on a hunt for clothiers and designers who
understand the genre, appreciate the beauty and whose pieces are attainable by
everyone without skimping one tiny bit on quality or originality.
All of that having been said, allow me to share a few creations from Nocturnal
Nostalgia. From corsets to gorgeously detailed chokers to her darkly dainty headwear,
Rose, the driving force behind Nocturnal Nostalgia, very obviously channels her talent and appreciation of the beauty of the Victorian era into every piece.
So let's begin with the first thing to catch my eye when I first visited her Etsy
store. These days ladies' top hats seem all the rage, followed by veils to maintain
that air of mystery, however, there is a very feminine, very unassuming accessory
that I feel deserves more "face time" at gatherings and in print. Most often seen as
part of a Gothic Lolita ensemble, Nocturnal Nostalgia's skull headpiece with lace and
ribbons is reminiscent of headwear worn to a Victorian Noir ladies' tea party, with
black bustle gown in a cozy parlour over a favourite tea and engaging conversation.
The same piece at a gathering is less austere than a top hat and accentuates rather
than shields the wearer's impeccably applied make up and naturally luminescent

Of course the staple of any good Victorian woman's wardrobe is the corset. There are
as many approaches to how a corset should fit as there are those who work to fit into
them. While it is this jaded old crow's attitude that it is there to accentuate what
one already has, there is also the fascinating challenge of some reenactors to
duplicate history by using brutally (and impressively) reinforced versions to squeeze
and shape the mid-section to unnaturally small measurements. Kudos to those who
attain that waspish figure without serious harm. I will, however, leave that debate
to the blogs geared solely to this particular undergarment. My goal is to share a
wonderful piece by Nocturnal Nostalgia, that, in this case, marries richly coloured
satin with my favourite coloured lace: black. There is no questioning the femininity
and quality of Rose's work. The handmade garment is a quality investment, and she
does do custom work to your measurements, making this a key element of your wardrobe that reflects your individuality at its finest.

Now finally (for this entry, anyhow) and hardly least, is that key element to a
Victorian wardrobe. It is also one of my all time favourite accessories, and one of
the main ways most creators/artists show their individuality and eye for detail: The
As a varitable hoarder of chokers and choker-making supplies (that I never seem to
have time to play with), I absolutely fell in love with Nocturnal Nostalgia's many
designs.  I am happy to share two here for your viewing pleasure. Please, do take the
time to visit her Etsy store and her site to get a good look at the variety of neck
adornments that can both accentuate a long neck or draw attention from a porcelain
complexion to a beautifully-matched corset just below. Remember... Victorian Elegance
is Never an Illusion.. it is Illustration in perfect, lacey balance.

I hope you have enjoyed the pieces I have featured here.  These are only the tip of
the iceberg. For more visual indulgence and to contact Nocturnal Nostalgia, I have
included her links below.
Etsy Shop:

Until next... Keeping the light on.. (it annoys the shadows. = )  )

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