Saturday, July 16, 2011

Come and Shop with Me: Immortal Visions

So we have established that I am already adamantly enamoured with a rapidly growing
number of talented individuals who continue to indirectly feed into my dark, lacey,
beribboned, mildly sparkly, hand-embellished, India ink-stained addiction. It makes
this part of the "job" just that much more fun. This time I am thrilled to be
featuring a local talent whose papercrafts leapt off the pages of Etsy at me,
whispering "Come. Look. Acquire. Share." Then there was something else about the many incredible uses for the unique and beautiful creations of Immortal Visions.

Imagine, if you will (I did), the following scenario. You are planning a lovely
midnight tarot tea party. My favourite kind. Your guest list is carefully chosen,
distinguished, brilliantly dark and always dressed to kill. No ordinary party store
invitations or "e-vites" will suffice. This event is indicative of the type of
host/ess you are and the level of high esteem in which you hold your would-be
attendees. Your invitations should be unique and reflect the spirit of the occasion.

Just because it is midnight does not mean the garden is asleep. These dark floral
notecards from Immortal Visions are just the thing for including a handwritten note
to your potential guests along with time, place and other pertinent information. The
lovely flowers are a graceful reminder of the event and ensure that they do not get
lost in a stack of other, far less important correspondences.

Perhaps you have another event on your social calendar, and this time you are the
attendee. Your hosts have indulged your senses with the soft glow of black candles,
red glassware, dark classically-inspired music and an evening of formal attire at the
Masque of the season. Several days later, after you have recovered and find yourself
reveling in fond memories and more than a few intrigues, you remember that you
absolutely must (MUST) thank your hosts. After several cups of restorative (tea,
coffee, etc.) you sit down to write an eloquent, yet to-the-point note of gratitude.

Of course, who can forget all of the wonderful gift-giving holidays: Birthdays, new
kinderspawn, (haunted) housewarming, Christmas, All Hallows. Presentation is
everything. It says "Thinking of you" and "I've known you too long to deny your
maudlin quirks now." What better than a lovely album for the hopeless romantic in
your life? Include a few lovely lines of poetry or photos to mark the event and
remind them that while "Love Bites"... that is not always a bad thing.

Or perhaps you have already aquired a small trinket of some sentimental or symbolic
value and wish to present it in the best wrappings. This trio includes a sweetly
decorated miniature coffin, matching gift card and note card to include your own

Now please do keep in mind that I am only scratching the surface of the beautiful
creations of Immortal Visions. As with each of the artists I have come across and
hope to continue to feature, I find myself wondering what inspires them, so, being
ever inquisitive, I ask. Immortal Visions creator, Melissa, was kind enough to share
with me her concern that the art of true correspondence was being sacrificed in lieu
of impersonal, and painfully unimaginative, greeting cards. I knew I had contacted
the right person. When she also shared her "borderline obsession" with "the three V's
- Vampires, Victorian and Vintage" there was no way I could pass up the opportunity
to do this.

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I refuse to believe that there exist no more
people who appreciate, embody and long for the days of true romanticism. So, with
infinite pleasure, I give you another fine supplier of the necessities of a life
darkly, richly, indulgently, and well-lived with the refinement and joie de vivre et
la mort it truly deserves. So please, take a few moments (or more) to visit Melissa
at Immortal Visions and break out that quill and India ink.

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While you're there, tell her Raven said Hello. Now I am off to find a fresh quill.
Seems they double well as cat toys.

Be well, be dark, and always be uniquely true to yourself. ;)


  1. Thank you so very much for your kind words and offer of this feature. I simply love your style and the descriptions you've applied to my craft. I think you *get* me more than I get myself! :-)


  2. These are absolutely stunning. I love it!