Sunday, January 22, 2012

Being True to Oneself

Being true to oneself and being honest with oneself are different things, but these
practices do go hand-in-hand. Neither is an excuse for false modesty, self-effacing
behaviour or giving up. Quite the opposite, if one is truly being honest with the
person in the mirror and being true to that same individual, these negative
behaviours would never be a conceivable possibility. The cost to their self-respect
and conscience would be too much.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday Mr. Charles Addams

Who better (aside from Poe) presents us with a wealth of imagery and dark humour befitting the Victorian Goth set than Charles Addams? His iconic family is deeply beloved, and has been the inspiration for many a Victorian Goth's home decor as well as providing the template for the perfect loving couple, totally absorbed with one another, doting on their children, loving toward their family members and compassionate (in their own way) toward everyone else who wanders into their brilliantly twisted lives.

Please join me in celebrating the 100th birthday of a man who has brought us dark joy, twisted laughs and inspired television series, films and now, a Broadway musical. Take a moment of silence, play a bit of harpsichord and snap your fingers in memory of Charles (Chas.) Addams.

Keeping it Spooky =)