Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ruffles, Lace and Otherworldly Butlers, Oh My

Now for a bit of fun involving eye and ear candy.  I realize this post is uncharacteristically short for me, but I just had to share and the artistry involved needs none of my utterly verbose elaboration.

Many are aware that I have long been a fan of the artwork of the anime series Black Butler, but had only recently had the time (and attention span) to begin watching it. I cannot begin to express how much I love the rich and almost decadent imagery of the show. The costuming and backdrops are already the stuff of which my odd dreams are made, but then to fold in a supernatural butler with the patience of Job and abilities that are matched only by his charm and wit automatically puts it to the top of my Adore List. With all the fun of an anime production, this show has fascinating storylines and a bit of depth I had not expected.

Then there is the music. Hypnotic, classically inspired, darkly ambient and beautifully done.  Allow me to share Kalafina, a Japanese group formed in 2007 whose song “Lacrimosa” is used as the closing theme from episode 14 on. While the music is amazing, the ladies of Kalafina are visually stunning in concert, and you can certainly see the style of Black Butler in their costuming. 

Makes me want to go shopping… in fact, while you are enjoying the music, I think I shall. Stripes, lace, ribbons and boots… I have a lot of work to do. And not to worry, I have plenty more I will be writing about soon.
Keeping it Spooky with a heavy dose of visual and aural decadence.
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  1. I absolutely love Kuroshitsuji! (*fan girl squeel*)

    1. Fabulous! (I completely understand. :) )