Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Finds - A Gothic Wedding

It has been a while since I visited this site, but after a few conversations with a dear friend who is planning her own period wedding, I hunted down the link and found something I just had to share here. Over the years I have had the honour of officiating, planning and writing vows for non-traditional weddings from Renn Faire themed unions to garden handfastings and Victorian soirees.
I do not do traditional weddings because I find more inspiration and satisfaction in bringing out the unique qualities of a couple: their quirks, their passions, the odd little things that sparked the fire between them, and then bringing those they love into their unique fold for that one day that celebrates them, and only them.

That said, it is with giddy joy that I share a site I already love for it's ideas and showcase of uniquely beautiful weddings. I hope you will enjoy, too. I now give you the wedding of Tanya & Ross, a lovely couple from Australia.

Keeping it Romantic,


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  1. I love that pic and I will definitely check out that site as well!