Sunday, March 18, 2012

Come and Shop with Me: The Moonlight Muse

I would say this posting is long overdue, but I did promise the artist I would hold out for a particular project with which she had been making herself blind. But might I say, it was worth the wait. This particular artist works in several mediums, from paper cutting, to clay, and I have been fortunate enough to collect a variety of her delightfully haunted pieces. It was when she told me that she was working on a special cutting that I held off. When I saw it, well.. anyone who knows me even in the slightest, can imagine my response. And so it heads this entry for all to enjoy.

Now a little about the artist: Marcey Mercado, known as The Moonlight Muse on Etsy (one of my favourite sites, as you know), is also a dear friend whom I have gleefully known for some years. When she agreed to open an Etsy shop, I was delighted, but I had no idea just how many adorably creepy things she would imagine and bring to life for her shop.

There you will find homages to classic horror (See the Bates house above), cute, eerie zombunnies, and nods to an all-time favourite and role model, E.A.Poe in both clay and paper. However, there was one piece, aside from my dear Gomez and Morticia that I just had to share with you here today. Last year Mrs. Mercado created a paper cutting of the Lament Configuration from the Hellraiser stories. Anyone who is a fan, even in the slightest, is familiar with its intricacy. I would say she has easily outdone herself this time, by recreating the famous puzzle box again, but in 3-dimensions, using paper and an xacto knife, then staging it nicely under a glass dome.

If you get time, venture to her Etsy shop, whose link I have included below. No truly hauntable home would be complete without the visage of Mr Poe, or a rendering of Dracula's castle hanging on the wall. Even better, hang a house inside your house. Pick up a miniature reaper as a gift for a loved one. And be sure to drop her a line or leave a comment if you find her items as fun as I do. 

The Moonlight Muse on Etsy:

Now on to do some shopping of my own. After all, it is only 226 days until Hallowe'en, and I still have SO much to do.

Keep it Spooky, my friends.

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