Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tats, Assumptions and A Brilliant Blog Entry

I do love the power of coincidence, especially when it comes to giving me a topic for this blog. While I do often use the phrase "Everything for a reason", that does not mean I believe in indisputable or unchangable fate, just as I do believe that sometimes something really IS a coincidence, but in this case, like many others, I can make it into a sign to run with an opportunity, and here it is.

A very random conversation lately had been on replay through my mind this morning regarding the topic of tattoos. The underlying message was a bit more offputting, but I will start with the ink. In a nutshell, having been asked if I "had ink", my response that No, I do not, was met with a look of mild disdain and more than slight superiority. To be honest, this made me curious, so I asked why the look. This launched a sermon about how I "must" hate tattoos and people who have them (this from a stranger who obviously had not met 80% of my friends and acquaintances with the most fabulous work). I chuckled and replied "Then you must really hate people without ink." This drew an even more indignant response in the form of a poorly suppressed snort. At this point, I assumed the conversation would end. My mistake. As I returned to my business (shopping), I was asked "Why?".  Ok, I'll bite. "Why what?".."What do you have against tats?" I do so love assumptions. So in less than a handful of words, I clarified that I have nothing against tats, nor those who get tats that have some personal significance. I've just had no personal urge to do so.

"Well, you know... you'd attract more guys if you had tats. They think they're hot."


Now we have crossed into getting tats to express one's individualism to getting one to broaden the scope of one's fishing hole. And my new acquaintance has assumed once again. This time..that I am fishing. And that I should give up my individuality, do something that is not Me, to attract someone, and even better... that I want to attract someone who would prefer me for something that is not Me. To me, that sounded like another assumption..that guys who prefer women with tats, only look at the tats. Let's not underestimate them. That is not just assumption. It is rude.

Needless to say, this was the end of my conversation. I just cannot justify talking in circles. But, I am grateful for the experience because it gave me something to blog about. Now about that coincidence. After sitting down to read through some of my favourite blogs today, toward the top of my list was a blog entry by Amy Asphodel (Stripy Tights and Dark Delights) on the topic of tats and how they are (and aren't) really perceived by the public, as well as many other great points.

Just like being Goth, and anything else that sets an individual or a group apart, never assume or generalize about how that individuality is perceived. Just Be Yourself.. revel in it and respect those not like you as you would prefer they respect you for being who and how you are.

Now to the article:
Can you ever feel classy with tattoos?

Keep it Spooky =)


  1. Interesting points made and very similar to my own views on the subject. Rampant tribalism in Marketing Culture may have as much to do with the recent uptake in Skin Art as anything else though. Apparently it's cool to be perceived as a Black Sheep these days!

  2. It is very interesting to read this post. It just goes to show that the old adage is still true today (Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover) and that it goes both ways. I don't have any Tatts either but I think they are cool and have a whole Pinterest board filled with examples I like. Both my sons and my nephew, all in their early 20's, have them and I don't have a problem with them at all. So maybe a new saying should be (Don't Judge a Person by their Tattoos or Lack There Of.) :)

  3. I've had people in the goth community question if I was really goth since I don't have any piercings (apart from my ears) or tattoos (that they know of, I don't exactly march around in a bikini showing off my skin haha).

    It's definitely interesting to see how the tattoo prejudice goes both ways.