Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hallowe'en Blog Links: Part One

(Photo credit: The Pumpkin Hollow)

I am late in beginning this new type of post to the EVGA blog, and again blame Life's chaos and a tendency to have too many irons in the fire. Bear with me while I attempt to bring all the best Hallowe'en and Gothic finery of the net to you in the comfort of the EVGA parlour.

Enjoy the vintage Hallowe'en imagery and the beautiful artwork of Kris Dickinson at A Nostalgic Halloween.

A few "mood lighting" ideas from Pumpkinrot.com that are so simple I may wind up lighting up the entire yard and the neighbor's as well.

And who doesn't need Jack 'O Lanterns to suit every mood. Enjoy a visit to The Pumpkin Hollow. The blog is a visual delight and links to their Etsy shop where "it's Halloween every day."

Rather fitting for a Victorian blog to feature a link to another blog that shares some BRILLIANT ideas for black and white costume ideas. Check out the images at 365 Halloween and prove that the world really was black and white in those old Noir films.
Know of a blog with a Gothic Victorian, Gothic or Hallowe'en flair? Drop me a note at
raven@stoneangelsgaze.com. I'd love to feature them.

Now back to my stroll through blogs, sites and DIY videos. Hope you enjoy!
Keep it Spooky

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