Friday, May 13, 2011

Never Assume

(This was originally posted to my main site in February 2011, but it seems to fit so well, I've included it here.)

Never Assume

That silence:
  • is agreement
    • or worse, acquiescence
  • is ignorance
  • is indifference
  • signifies that something is wrong
  • means you have won the argument...
That a smile:
  • can only have one meaning
  • is insignificant
  • is unwarranted
  • is powerless
That speaking loudly:
  • puts you in control
  • conveys confidence
    • or passion
  • makes you sound knowledgeable
  • creates a commanding presence
  • ensures that those around you are listening
That being polite:
  • is ever a sign of weakness
  • is a result of intimidation
  • is outdated
  • has no place in some situations
That respect:
  • is less important than being liked
    • or even the same as...
  • does not need to be earned
  • does not begin with Self
  • is conditional
Never underestimate the power of good manners, quiet contemplation, subtle strength, self-respect, humility and a demure presence. If you are going to put all your cards on the table, be prepared to have them played.
~Raven Sexton~

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