Friday, May 13, 2011

And so it begins...

While this blog currently has no "formal" introduction, at least for now, suffice it to say, I began writing in response to a resurgence in conversations expressing a longing for more of the romantic, refined Victorian Noir side of the Gothic scene. One of the many reasons why I have always adored the scene is the wonderous variety. In a world that has become perilously homogenized, what was once considered an underground culture has seen itself be more widely introduced to the mainstream, receiving every type of reaction from wide-eyed fascination to sneers. But then this is common of any "subculture" that stands out in any way from the safely-play "norms" of society.
But I digress. This particular blog is not about the trials and tribulations of the overall Dark Culture. I will save most of that for my primary site ( and will, over time address many things there. At times the topics here may well touch on much of the same as it affects my own black lacey corner of the culture.
In response to many requests (including some from a few of my "fairy gothchildren"), I will attempt to document the outcomes of many conversations about the many aspects of the Victorian Gothic Aesthetic from clothing and mindset to etiquette with possible write-ups about the many vendors, performers and events that showcase this part of Gothic culture.
I hope you enjoy the site, and I look forward to any and all comments and hope to eventually feature contributing writers.

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