Monday, October 3, 2011

A Victorianesque Hallowe'en: Fabrics

Now we get into a topic that really does have infinite possibilities and does not
have to break the bank. One of the most iconic symbols of Victorian decor is its
fabrics and their patterns. As wallpaper, room dividers, window treatments, draft
excluding bed decor and table coverings, fabrics in rich colours, detailed
ornamentation and flowing textures define much of what is seen as Victorian.
Plainer fabrics such as muslins and linens also play a huge part in depicting the
crisp, white, immaculate standards of "better" Victorian households. They also play a
huge role in defining our somewhat-romanticized, yet wonderfully decayed
Victorianesque Haunted Home.

Some quick and inexpensive uses of fabric for your haunted home:
  • White/off-white/creme/ecru bed linens draped over furniture to give the feeling of a home "asleep"
  • Black, grey, grey-green, sand, white coloured gauze in lengths of 48 inches or more as table coverings, window coverings, room dividers. The more tattered, the better.
  •  Antique doilies, crocheted table runners, table linens to accent your tarnished silver and brass. When used on a dark wood surface, they really make any Hallowe'en haunted setting stand out with just the right sepia-toned contrast.
  • Lace in white, off-white, black and tea-stained also work wonderfully when draped over coat racks and hooks, window rods, dressmakers' forms, etc. Lace is easily associated with veils. Random drapings in your haunted home give a feeling of Victorian brides of tragic circumstances or reminiscing about past loves. Almost sad, almost happy, certainly haunting. When hung on a piece of furniture directly in front of a fan or vent, the fabric will softly billow, adding to the effect.
  • Black fabrics in softer, more easily draping textures are perfect for using on mirrors (Think Victorian mourning customs), and when fastened with a white silk rose or other large single bloom, they stand out as hauntingly brilliant.
  • Brocades, jaquards, etc are wonderful bed throws or good accent covers for futons and other modern furniture as well as make-shift curtains when draped scarf-style over curtain rods.
These are just a few ideas for fabrics that will add to your Victorianesque haunted
home. Many can be found at reasonable prices through fabric outlets and thrift stores
(Old curtain sheers, linens for furniture covers, etc.) and are easily folded and
stored or used to wrap breakable Autumn and Hallowe'en decor.
The only limit is your imagination. So make your list of where you can use your
fabrics, and do not be surprised if you find something "just perfect" for something
else. Happens to me alllll the time.
Until tomorrow,

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