Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Victorianesque Hallowe'en: Wicker

Very few things are as Victorian as wicker furniture. And very few styles of furniture
are as unappreciated in this day and age as wicker. I am constantly seeing unloved,
abandoned wicker side tables sitting, slightly tattered in thrift shops and ignored
on front porches. The demand for more durable furniture has led to the creation of
patio furniture woven from strips of vinyl, which, ironically, dry-rots and falls
apart as well.

So what does this have to do with our Hallowe'en home? Easy. For those who have some abandoned little wicker shelves or the aforementioned end table sitting in an attic or storeroom somewhere, this is a good time to knock off the dust and put it to good use as a jack-o-lantern stand as the centerpiece of a nice display on your front porch. Admittedly, its tattered, aged look will fit in perfectly with the spiderwebs, eerie lighting and grinning gourds that sit waiting to greet your visitors. It adds
an air of antiquity that no folding plastic table can possibly dream of.

Do you have, or have you seen some discarded wicker chairs, but you wonder about their safety as seats? Same concept. Grab one or two, more if you have a large porch, a larger budget and a lot of motivation. These poor orphans are perfect seating for your best dressed skeletons, for lining with straw and holding additional jack-o-lanterns or collections of colourful gourds, and can be lit safely with battery-operated candles. Each hair becomes an Autumn floral/gourd arrangement all on its own. Truly there is nothing sadder than an empty chair on a front porch, and nothing classier than wicker, new and old, adorning the entry to your haunted Victorianesque home.

Be creative. Drape an old tattered quilt over the back of one, scattered dried
flowers across another, rest a wreath against the back or allow one of your sweetest
large spiders to perch on the back or arm of one, giving it a nice view of newcomers.
I have no doubt that with a little ingenuity, that little table, chair, woven chest
or shelf you had no other use for, that definitely did NOT go with your decor, can be
purposeful again, if only for this time of year. It will fit well with your Spooky
Chic with a bit of black paint, or leave it battered white and dusty for affect.
And if you have a good wicker chair, mix it into the display, giving you a
comfortable spot to sit amongst your wonderful decor, greeting (or startling) trick-
or-treaters whenever you wish.

And with that, I am off to see what else I have in the Mary Poppins bag of dark
Until next, Keep it Spooky

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