Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hallowe'en Shopping Season is Upon Us

The BIG countdown begins... are you ready?

So now that we are "under the gun" so to speak, with fewer than 100 days until All Hallow's, who has been receiving their Hallowe'en shopping catalogues in the daily post, or the much anticipated emails that Autumn and Hallowe'en products are in and ready to be ooh'd and ahh'd over, but most importantly, bought up in a frenzy of Autumnal Anticipation and Spooky Preparedness?

To help, I have assembled a list of just some of the retailers with this year's haunted goodies ready and waiting for new haunted homes.

Pottery Barn...

Grandin Road...

Tombstone Factory...

Dapper Cadaver (This site has TONS for the more gore-inclined)

Pier 1...

Victorian Trading Co....

And let's not forget all the best staple places for picking up bits and pieces. Most have their Autumn and Hallowe'en trinkets appearing on shelves now.
Joann Fabrics
Spirit Store
Cracker Barrel (Checked the site and it does not do their in-store stock justice by any means)

Where have you begun your Hallowe'en preparation shopping? And don't tell me you haven't begun... I'm guessing... last November 1st? I'd expect no less... I am so proud. *snifs and wipes a tear*

Feel free to share your latest retail Hallowe'en shopping finds!

And now I'm off to continue finessing more posts focused on our artists, crafters and dark dreaming creators to share their wares with you.

Am I the only one feeling the excitement build?

Til next... Keep it Spooky,

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