Sunday, September 25, 2011

Etsy Treasuries - Another of Raven's New Addictions

As a follow up to today's fun time on BlogTalkRadio with Oly and Brenna discussing Victorianesque Hallowe'en, I thought I'd attempt to post a quick link to three treasures I've created featuring just SOME of the talented individuals to be found on the craft sales site,  No promises here, but the link below "should" take you to a listing of all three and allow you to check out just some of the fun things I've found (so far) that go perfectly with the idea of a Victorianesque Hallowe'en, or for some of us of the Victorian Gothic persuasion, year-round decor.

This will be one of, I hope, many posts to the EVGA blog featuring Victorianesque Hallowe'en and Autumn decorating, entertaining and costuming ideas, in addition to my usual articles on the foundations of the refined Dark Victorian's etiquette and carriage, as well as the individual artist reviews I so thoroughly enjoy doing. 
And finally, to everyone who listened in both live and via recorded podcast, thank you SO much.


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