Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Big Thanks to The Weird Contessa

So.. as I am learning more about this thing called blogging, I added one more "A Ha" moment to my repetoire.. finding out how others found me. Yes, I am without a doubt the world's worst cyber-stalker.
Imagine my surprise and delight to find that Etiquette and the Victorian Aesthetic is among the blogs enjoyed by Gina Draker, the brilliant talent behind Weird Contessa Studios. The moment I found her blog, I was entranced by the first images to appear: miniature marionettes. The detail and care that goes into her pieces is quite obvious, and I must say, her taste in music featured on the pages of Weird Contessa Studio Creations is impeccable. I loved it.
That said, I wish to extend a huge Thank You to the Weird Contessa (Who doesn't adore weird contessas? The world needs more of them.) for the mention on your site, and I extend an invitation to all reading this, to please go visit her blog and indulge yourself in her delightful creations and let the music take you away as it has done with me this evening.

She can be found at:

I know I will be going back to visit as well.
Blessings and Welcome to another brilliantly decadent Hallowe'en Season =)

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