Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Victorian Gothic Shopping: Anaboo Creations by Sylvia Smiser

(Photo credit and property: Anaboo Creations)

We are officially in our favourite season, Autumn, when all things get a bit darker, colours are richer, the children of the night have a later (in the morning) curfew, and all my favourite artists are working their shadowy bustles and tailcoats off preparing for that absolutely BEST holiday of the year, All Hallow's Eve. Can you feel it? The air is different and the light is changing. There it is again, that low breeze with just a hint of chill in the air that whispers "Where did you pack the cableknits? Did you stock enough firewood? Where are the spices for the cider and mead?"  Please tell me I'm not the only one those voices whisper to. If I were, you would not be here, and we would not be having this conversation.

I am rambling. I shouldn't. So let us get to the heart of the matter, shopping for the dark, the unique, the the brilliantly whimsical. I have been incredibly excited about featuring this fine lady's work. Why? Because my dark wee heart was stolen by one of her fabulous creations. Have I made you curious yet? Good, good. As most know, I am not a zombie or gore fan, although I do quite understand its place in all things Hallowe'en. Being a Victorian, my love is for all things vintage and that is exactly what we have here. What I am talking about are the brilliant Anaboo Creations of Sylvia Smiser. Ms. Smiser has been on my radar for quite some time.

What we have here is a self-taught artist with a gift for turning cloth and paperclay into delightful little beings of all sorts with a vintage feel, the authenticity of a true craftsperson and the feel of a little living being with a heart that will melt yours with a whimsical glance. What first got my attention, was a lovely little being named Ruthie the Raven, handcrafted and lovingly attired by Sylvia.

(Photo credit and property: Anaboo Creations)
Sylvia has been featured in several doll publications such as Somerset Studios Gallery, Celebrate 365, Dolls Magazine and Art Doll Quarterly, and has a doll currently featured in the Autumn edition of Art Doll Quarterly.

Much to my black lacey glee, I was recently able to acquire one of her lovely baby bats. I am told his name is Dopey, though I was welcome to give him a new name. After admiring his adorable little face for a while, he reminded me too much of the lovingly simple little dwarf to call him anything else. Dopey is the adorable little bat at the bottom with his tongue sticking out

(Photo credit and property: Anaboo Creations)
I do believe that at the time of this posting, he may have a sibling still looking for a home, and I would encourage checking them out, along with all of the other wonderful wee creatures at Anaboo Creations. So to help you all out, as always, I have included links below to guide you to Ms. Smiser's lovely works and her blog and Facebook page. I promise you will not be disappointed. I know I never am.

Happy shopping, adopting and perusing. I am now off to see what else lurks just past the shadows, waiting to be shared.

Keep it shadowed, spiced and Spooky. Until next,
Raven :)

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