Sunday, July 14, 2013

Back from the Abyss

Surprise. I haven’t disappeared or been swallowed into the deep abyss, although at times it felt that way. This has been a long, but productive hiatus, as much was thrown my way, and much I needed to step back from in order to gain new perspective. But not for a moment did I forget EVGA or the brilliant spirit of our Victorian Goths, my beloved Victorianesque Hallowe’en and the dream of a finishing school for our Darkling Debutantes and Young Nocturnal Nobles. And naturally, I have been rebuilding the list of fabulously talented artists I hope to showcase and share with you in the very near future.

Now to the best part of this post: A short announcement of things to come. We have survived the longest day of the year and gleefully welcome the shortening scourge of sunlight, so in celebration and in preparation for the pinnacle of that day we celebrate year round, EVGA will be featuring artists I had the pleasure of meeting at last year’s Keen Halloween.  (Look to the top right of my page and you will see a link to the Keen Halloween site) This year is the second annual gathering of brilliant local artists, crafters, performers, writers and teachers of all things spooky, fun and family friendly. 

What could be better than three days surrounded by workshops, performances, characters and shopping? Know it will be right around the corner from me. I can be a nuisance all weekend. So with that said, I am off to get some more writing done, images gathered and a few other ideas off the ground. And not to worry, I will still be adding to the Etiquette side of the site with more opinions, observations and insight from deep, thoughtful conversations and out-of-left-field questions from many of the non-lacey, parasol-deprived, pastel-infused individuals I have encountered in my adventures these last eight months away.

Thank you kindly for your patience. It’s good to be back.

Keep it Spooky, and if you cannot do that… keep it shrouded in black lace for the time being.


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